The Genesis

Meet Roohwa: the heart's response to a world cluttered with the mundane. This is where Karan and Shozi, two souls tired of the beige tapestry of the corporate grind, decided to paint their own canvas.

Karan, with a spirit that's part chef, part artist, and now, a strategist, finds beauty in the blend of flavours and life's moments. Shozi, the advertising maven who traded catchy slogans for the dream of a tech-infused future, sees art in the contours of cloud and the curve of a sculpture.


Together, we've woven Roohwa, a rebellion stitched with threads of beauty, functionality, and soul. It's not just a brand; it's our shared heartbeat, pulsing with the belief that life should be anything but ordinary. Here, we transform the forgettable into the memorable.

Our creations—be it a sleek accessory, a piece of your lifestyle, or a snippet of home decor—are confessions of our philosophy: that beauty should seamlessly dance through our daily routines, making the mundane magnificent.

"Roohwa" whispers of our essence—beauty, water, soul—echoing our commitment to make artistry as essential as the air you breathe. We have crafted this sanctuary as a testament to their journey, a space where the aesthetic meets the practical, where every product is a love letter to those who dare to find beauty in the everyday.

Join us in our quest to fill every corner of life with soulfulness and beauty. With Roohwa, every day is a canvas awaiting your touch, a chance to rebel against the ordinary. Welcome to our vision, where the magic of the mundane is rediscovered and cherished.